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Housed within the former Grand Army of the Republic meeting spaces used by Civil War veterans, the sleek, modern displays and interpretive visuals of the New England Civil War Museum offers an engaging way to experience the people of the past!

Step into the Past


Journey through Time

Follow the experience of the Citizen Soldier as they enlist and join hundreds of thousands of others in a new, transformational, and sometimes terrifying life in temporary military service during the Civil War. 

Connect with the People of the Past

What was it like to live through the Civil War? Learn about their experiences through their thoughts, feelings, and emotions - Left for us in their letters and diaries across time.


Stand inside History

Tour the spaces once used by Civil War veterans to meet and discuss current events, charity efforts, political matters, and their shared wartime experiences. Stand in the same spots where veterans did during memorial rituals and business meetings took place.

Our mission is to connect the people of today with the experiences, memories, and humanity of the people of the Civil War era.

The museum and research center resides in historic Rockville, a village of Vernon, Connecticut. 


Housed within an original Grand Army of the Republic meeting hall, the museum contains numerous one-of-a-kind artifacts from the Civil War, with an emphasis on the people and contributions from Connecticut and New England. The library and research center contains hundreds of books and periodicals for study by genealogists, researchers, and those interested in the Civil War alike.  


The museum and library, originally founded by Burpee Post #71 in 1896, now administered by Sons of Union Veterans Alden Skinner Camp #45, serves as the premier place to learn and connect with Civil War history in southern New England.

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