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Library and Research Center 

O'Connell-Chapman Library and Research Center

The Museum is the home of the O'Connell-Chapman Library and Research Center, which includes a wide variety of items of both the Civil War and post-war veterans periods.  It also includes well over 1,000 different books, periodicals, and other manuscripts.


Because of the value and sometimes the conditions of these items certain procedures and regulations have been put into place to keep our collection safe and available for future use.


The research center is open during normal museum hours.

  Archives Finding Aids

Colonel Thomas F. Burpee Collection

Dates: 1862, 1864, 1866, 1887, 1889, 1909, 1992, 1994, 2017, undated

Abstract: This Collection contains photographs, paperwork, and correspondence related to Colonel Thomas F. Burpee of the 21st Connecticut Infantry Regiment, primarily around his death in 1864 and the purchasing of these items from Auction.  The last Series is about the fight to preserve Burpee’s Battery in Virginia from development.

Thomas F. Burpee Post #71 Collection

Dates: 1860-67, 1884-1916, 1923-25, 1931, 1934, 1937, undated

Abstract: The Collection contains materials held by the Thomas F. Burpee Post #71 of the Grand Army of the Republic.  Included in the Collection are primarily member records, meeting notes, correspondence, Post officer reports, and duties during Decoration Day. 

Benjamin and John Hirst Letters

Dates: 1862-1865

Abstract: This contains letters written by the Hirst brothers during their time in service with the 14th Connecticut Infantry Regiment and sent to family and friends about their experiences.

George H. Nelson Letters

Dates: 1862-1864

Abstract: This Collection primarily contains envelopes and letters sent from Private George H. Nelson of the 25th Connecticut Infantry Regiment.  Letters are separately addressed to his mother, father, and sister and speak about everyday life as a soldier with the 25th and his experiences.  The last letter of the Collection is from a friend of George’s, Jerome H. Fuller who was a soldier with the 25th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment, and was sent to George at home in Connecticut after he was discharged.

Patterson Family Letters

Dates: 1860-1861, 1864-1869, 1877, 1896, undated

Abstract: This Collection consists of envelopes and letters for Patterson and Frink family members.  The bulk of the letters are sent from and to Walter L. Patterson, a soldier who was with the 1st Connecticut Heavy Artillery Regiment.  Walter writes to his wife, Sarah M. Frink Patterson, and there are letters to him from Sarah and Walter’s sister, Susan “Susie” E. Patterson Lewis.  Other family members noted in the collection are Mary L. Millspaugh Patterson and Phebe E. Frink Main along with her husband John L. Main.  There are also a few letters to unknown recipients and some assorted materials such as farm receipts, a picture of Reverend John Wesley, and a marketing flyer.


Rules and Restrictions

Photocopies and Print-outs 

Because of the fragile nature of many materials, books over 75 years old and bound manuscripts may not be photocopied, although they may be photographed. Additional restrictions may apply to some manuscript materials. There is a charge of 25¢ per sheet for photocopies or print-outs.


Because of the value and sometimes the conditions of these items certain procedures and regulations have been put into place to keep our collection safe and available for future use.

Rights and Reproductions 

Objects, images, or other materials that belong to the New England Civil War Museum may not be published without written permission.

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