The Memorial Building in historic downtown Rockville, Connecticut was constructed between 1889-1890 to serve as a monument to the over 350 local Civil War veterans.  As part of the agreement with the town, the second floor of the building was given to the local Grand Army of the Republic Post to use for their meetings and other social functions.


The main hall, which now serves as part of the museum, served as their meeting room between late 1890-1934.  Their former social room, now houses our library, which contains a wide variety of books and other printed materials related to the war and the various veteran organizations.  The rooms also hosted several post war regimental reunions, including the 11th Connecticut, the 14th Connecticut, and the 25th Connecticut Volunteers.


Beginning what would be later become the New England Civil War Museum, members of the post began donating their personal wartime items as early as 1896. Then through dilligent fundraising, the post purchased and installed the first display class to showcase these items.  Since that year, our collection has grown to become one of the largest collections in southern New England.



Among the items of interest in our collection are:

  • ​Weaponary, such as muskets, rifles, and swords, used by both sides during the war


  • Wartime letter collections of Sergeants Benjamin and John Hirst (14th Connecticut Regiment)


  • Diary carried by Oscar Gassett (56th Massachusetts Regiment) detailing his stay at Andersonville


  • Sword carried by Lt. Colonel Thomas F. Burpee (21st Connecticut Regiment) when he was mortally wounded at Cold Harbor on June 9, 1864


  • Historic Grand Army of the Republic uniforms


  • Thomas F. Burpee Post #71 Collection containing post records, membership applications, correspondance, minutes of meetings, etc.


  • Extensive Civil War library containing military manuals, regimental histories, and books on battles, leaders, weaponary, and uniforms






Discharge Certificate of

John R. Brainard 

who served in

Company F, 12th Connecticut Regiment