Researching at the New England Civil War Museum




Services Available:


The New England Civil War Museum is the home of the O'Connell-Chapman Library and Research Center, which includes a wide variety of items of both the Civil War and post-war veterans periods.  It also includes well over 1,000 different books, periodicals and other manuscripts.


Because of the value and sometimes the conditions of these items certain procedures and regulations have been put into place to keep our collection safe and available for future use.





The research center is open during normal museum hours.




Photocopies and Print-outs:


Because of the fragile nature of many materials, books over 75 years old and bound manuscripts may not be photocopied, although they may be photographed. Additional restrictions may apply to some manuscript materials. There is a charge of 25¢ per sheet for photocopies or print-outs. 



Rights and Reproductions


Objects, images, or other materials that belong to the New England Civil War Museum may not be published without written permission.